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a white nappy with echidnas and wombats printed on it
a white nappy with echidnas and wombats printed on it
a white nappy with echidnas and wombats printed on it
The same white nappy, side by side, 3 in a row, all adjusted differently to show that they fit multiple sizes
A plain white cloth nappy showing the snap buttons that allows the nappy to fit all ages
The inside of a cloth nappy, showing the soft fabric

My Little Gumnut: Modern Cloth Nappy Aussie Animals

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Did you know the average cost of using disposable nappies from newborn to toilet training is $4000? 

Did you know each disposable nappy takes 400 years to completely break down in landfill?

Did you know more water is used to make one disposable nappy than in the laundering of cloth nappies?

Using just one Modern Cloth Nappy each day will reduce the amount of disposables in landfill by around 900 and save you around $350. 

All of our Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) come with a waterproof cover and a five-layered bamboo insert (made with 2 layers of bamboo and 3 layers of microfibre).

Our nappy covers are made with soft and smooth waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL) and has a very soft bamboo-fleece inner layer with an inside pocket for the removable insert.

The insert is the absorbent part of the nappy and will soak up any liquid, leaving the inner bamboo-fleece layer nice and dry against babies skin. 

To use, simply place the insert inside of the pocket, put the nappy on baby and use the snaps to fasten to the correct size. Please note the nappy should be firm around the waist and legs but not too tight; the nappy should not leave marks on babies skin.

Our nappy covers can be used for up to 2-3 nappy changes (as long as baby has not poo'd) for an economical nappy system - additional inserts are available to purchase.