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MiEco Bamboo Pegs 20pk
MiEco Bamboo Pegs 20pk
MiEco Bamboo Pegs 20pk

MiEco Bamboo Pegs 20pk

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Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo and a recyclable stainless steel spring, these clothes pegs are a solution for any home looking to waste less. Packaged in a recycled cardboard box, available in boxes of 20.

Plastic becomes very brittle in heat and are often damaged in the sun and break into micro plastics.

These are sturdy and strong and unlike other wooden pegs, won’t stain light clothes due to bamboo’s low tannin content.


Factory Seconds

We're also very excited to stock factory seconds. We found that this fit in with our zero waste ethics perfectly. Selling a less than perfect but still very functional product instead of it turning into a waste product, is exactly what we get excited about.

These factory seconds didn't make the cut for whatever reason and are being sold at a cheaper price to make plastic free living more accessible for all. They may be slightly chipped, slightly smaller or larger or marginally misshaped but as mentioned above, they are all still perfectly functional.