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cardboard box with drawings of various pots, pans and plates. Box contains a block of dish washing soap
block of dish washing soap beside a bamboo dish brush
coconut fibre scourer

Urthly Organics: Kitchen Soap

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Wash your dishes the old way and keep plastic detergent bottles out of landfill by doing so! Perfect for all dishes and will clean really well.

Grab yourself a tin can (upcycled fruit tin) punch some holes in the bottom and place soap into tin. When filling up sink put the tin in the running water and take out once water is soapy.

You may wish to rinse your dishes in a separate sink and add a small amount of vinegar as this will help the soap residue come off the dishes and they won’t be so slippery.

These soaps are produced with saponified coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and they are unscented. 

Urthly Organics produces mostly organic products formulated by Julie. Attention is taken to acquiring ingredients straight from the grower where possible and producing in a sustainable environment.

All products NEVER contain any of the following commonly found ingredients that can effect your wellbeing; SLS, SLES, parabens, fluoride, titanium dioxide, glycols, fragrance oil and mineral oils.