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6 colourful glass vials for dental floss
black, grey, pink, blue and green glass vials
3 glass canisters for dental floss
Dental Lace: Glass Refillable Floss Canister
green dental floss canister and green box
glass, grey dental lace vial
blues waves printed on small glass vial of dental floss
Camouflage print on small glass vial containing dental floss
spotty glass vial containing dental floss, box of dental floss and a spool of dental floss beside it
Charcoal dental floss within a glass vial with a black label. Box and spool of charcoal dental floss beside it

Dental Lace: Glass Refillable Floss Canister

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This zero waste product is an alternative to the nylon or Teflon floss regularly used. Dental Lace's unique feature is that it's refillable. Instead of disposing of an empty plastic container, you will have a beautiful glass vial to refill and reuse- forever!

Includes one Dental Lace container with one 30-metre spool of floss inside the container and one refill spool. 60 metres of floss in total. 

The package is made of recyclable cardboard with a compostable plant based cellophane storage bag inside.

Please select from the various options on offer. 

Silk (100% biodegradable and natural- NOT vegan. Fresh mint flavour):

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Waves
  • Chevron
  • Camouflage

Charcoal-bamboo-polyester blend (vegan but NOT compostable. Fresh mint flavour):

  • Black

PLA floss (created from polylacticacid. Vegan and commercially compostable. Unflavoured): 

  • Polka dots