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3 glass jars next to each other. all black lids. One black label, one red label, one beige label
single glass jar, black lid with black label. Organic deodorant, cedar and clove written on the label
Single glass jar with black lid. Beige label that states organic deodorant, fragrance free 50g
single glass jar, black lid, red label. organic deodorant written on the label

Pits of Joy - Natural, Organic Deodorant

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A natural deodorant, that actually works! Pits of Joy contains a unique formulation of certified organic ingredients, that effectively provides long-lasting prevention against odour.

Available in 3 varieties:

Cedar + clove contains a gender-neutral, essential oil blend of cedarwood atlas, clove bud, patchouli and bergamot.

Fragrance free contains no added essential oils, just a hint of the natural aroma of the shea butter and coconut oil.

Lemongrass + lavender contains a gender-neutral, essential oil blend of lemongrass, lavender, bergamot and cedarwood.

  • Made with only certified organic ingredients
  • Australian Certified Vegan
  • Free from aluminium, GMOs, parabens, triclosan and other chemical nasties
  • Goes on clear, and isn’t wet or sticky
  • Won’t leave white marks or residue
  • 50g jar last approximately two to three months

Base ingredients: shea butter, arrowroot flour, bicarbonate soda, coconut oil, jojoba oil (plus the essential oils listed above).