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spoon, fork, knife kit
bamboo cutlery and pouch
Brush It On: Bamboo Cutlery Set

Brush It On: Bamboo Cutlery Set

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This cutlery travel pouch is perfect to keep in your bag or car to avoid any unnecessary waste when eating out and about. Say goodbye to plastic, disposable forks that are resource heavy to create, are used for mere minutes and thrown away and disposed of potentially harming our environment. 

Pouch includes:

- Knife, fork, spoon

- Straw and straw cleaner

- Chopsticks

- Handy travel pouch

These usually pass the airport security test meaning they are the perfect companion for flying! 

Why bamboo? 

It is the worlds fastest growing grass and can grow up to 91cm per day making it incredibly sustainable as a resource. It requires much less water than other trees and grasses and it absorbs a huge amount of CO2!

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